Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc.

WAFOS Booth Specifics

Winter Art Fair Off the Square Layout:
The Exhibition Hall is beautiful and extremely well-lit. Artists may drive into the building to unload and load but must cart their work to their booths. If you do not have your own four-wheel dolly or hand-truck, Monona Terrace has a number of carts which may be used free-of-charge. Some artists prefer to park outside, unload and cart their work through the loading docks.

Jury Fee: 
, non-refundable. A separate application and fee are required for each category.  Only one application per category is allowed, with a six category limit.  

Membership Fee: 
Membership fees are included with application to the Art Fair Off the Square and/or the Winter Art Fair Off the Square.

Winter Art Fair Off the Square Booth Fees: 
$316, non-refundable, payable in two installments of $158 due August 13th and October 8th. Should the payments not be received by each deadline, the booth space will be forfeited. 
Early bird special option: $265 for standard booth paid in full upon application acceptance due by August 13th. 

Electricity (optional):
$62 additional, available at all booth locations. This is provided by Monona Terrace, and they control the cost of their service.

Booth Sizes: 
Standard: 10’ x 10’ $316
A limited number of each of these booths are available:
    Corner booths: (10 x 10’) for an additional $50
    Oversize booths: (10 x 15’) for an additional $150
    Oversized Corner booths: are (10x15’) for an additional $200
If you cannot be assigned to your requested type of space, your additional fees will be returned.

Side Curtains (optional):
$75 per side, available in all locations. WAAC will provide silver fabric backdrops for all booths which are not against the wall. (The wall itself will constitute the backdrop for all booths against it.) Silver fabric side panels are available for rent. You are responsible for making sure that the backside of your display is free of cords and other unsightly distractions facing the booth(s) next to you. We recommend side curtains to conceal these distractions. If you choose not to rent the silver side curtains, side curtains or other separating panels, are to be provided by you.

Booth Set-up: 
Booth set-up begins at varying times on Friday afternoon with a special block of time for those with trailers. Set-up continues into Friday evening and is also allowed early Saturday morning before the opening of the fair.  Additional set-up details will be provided in October.

Booth Assignments:
There are a limited number of Oversized, Corner, and Oversized Corner booths available. These booths are reserved by purchasing them during acceptance with your first installment payment and are available on a 1st come 1st served basis. 
Returning artists who participated in the previous year’s Fair and request their same booth are given first priority for choice of booth number. 
Returning artists who participated in the previous year’s Fair and request a different booth are given second priority for choice of booth number.
All other artist requests are then considered and we attempt to accommodate desired booth location as best we can.
All booths are on a perfectly level (Frank Lloyd Wright red-painted) floor. (Adding a carpet or rug to your booth enhances your exhibit space)
Your booth assignment cannot be changed and not all location requests can be accommodated.
Much attention is given to booth placement with regard to the distribution of media. If you have special needs, please make a note in the special booth request section later in this application.  
Please refer to the map for the booth layout.