Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc.

2021 Participating Artists

Jennifer Angelo
Susan Baez
Wendy Baumann
Ross Burrell
John Busch
Cynthia Bye
Nikki Cooper
Jillian Cori Lippert
Ron Curran
Carolyn Dargevics
Martin Dargevics
Karen Faller
Harrison Fangmann
Charlotte Fung-Miller
Dan Gardiner
Janice Gilkey
Kelli Greentree
Stephenie Hamen
Kathy King
David Konowal
Cindy Koshalek
Tom Lazar
Cathy Lybarger
Jim Lynes
Laura Meddaugh
Dave Miess
Suzanne Miller
Margit Moses
Mark Mueller
Mike Murray
Leonard Nagler
Joan North
Shama Patel
Tad Pinkerton
Eli Quinn
Steven Ralser
Rick Raschick
Lynette Redner
Eric Reiger
Sarah Rezin
Susan Richter-O'Commell
Rick Ross
Becky Schmidt
Geralyn Schrab
Rachael Schultz
Kerri Shannon
Rachelle Stracke
Kim Strzykalski
Erin Lynn Summers
Bernie Tennis
Alexandra Tepp
Tamara Tsurkan
Ryan Tuck
Steve Wagner
Jon Walton
Karen Watson-Newlin
Amy Weh
Emily Weichbrod
Barbara Westfall
Xizhou Xie
Mike Zierke

UW Hospital will be hosting the 7th annual WAAC UW Hospital Show from February 2nd to February 29th, 2020.

This exhibit is open to all WAAC members and it is an excellent opportunity to get our work out before the public. Hospital visitors purchase many items from this show each year and the hospital requires only a 20% commission from the sales. All pieces are insured by the UW Hospital while they are on display. 

If you have any questions about your submissions, please contact UW Hospital Show Coordinator, Susan Baez, nindedesigns.sb@gmail.com.