Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc.

The Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc. depends on volunteer support. To get involved email wiartcraft@gmail.com

Art Fair Off The Square 2019 Volunteer Job Descriptions

Set-Up: Friday, July 12, 1 PM-8 PM
Show Hours: Saturday, July 13, 9-6 & Sunday, July 14, 10-4

Booth Marking - Friday 1 PM-3 PM
Help mark booths 91-128 on the Monona Terrace Esplanade. Not a difficult job! Maps, tape measures and instructions provided. 4 volunteers required.

Booth Marking - Friday 3 PM-5 PM
Help mark sidewalk booths #1-24 and #72-90 on the 200 block of Monona Terrace. This can be accomplished by two, 2 person teams.

Booth Marking - Friday 6-7 PM
Help mark street booths #47-71. This has to be accomplished quickly (within a half-hour) and accurately. Very specific instructions provided. Two, 2 person teams needed.

Truck Unloaders - Friday 1 PM-3 PM
Help unload the WAAC Mobile (9ft. cargo van). Place all containers in the temporary info booth located at the top of MLK and Doty Streets. 

Info Booth Set-up - Friday 6 PM-?
Prior knowledge of art fair information is not necessary to work this position. You will be working alongside experienced art fair staff. Job duties begin when Event Essentials sets up the info tent. Move all materials for the temporary info booth to the semi-permanent one, Set up and cover the tables, sort the t-shirts by size and design and arranging them in an attractive manner. Use grid walls and forms to create an eye-catching t-shirt display in the front of the booth. Organization of back-stock shirts is key as many people will be working in the booth over the weekend and they must be able to find what they’re looking for. 3-4 volunteers needed.

Info & T-Shirt Booth Staffing - 9 AM-6 PM Saturday, 10-4 PM Sunday
Prior knowledge of Art Fair information is not required for this job. Hand out programs, help sell t-shirts and promote our Featured Artist Raffle. Keep tables neat and t-shirts organized. Most of the answers to guest’s questions can be found in the programs or in info booth binders. You may direct any other questions to Executive Director, Lezlie Blanton or Info Booth Coordinator, Wendy Phiffer.

​Breakfast Host/Breakfast Assistant - 6:30 AM-9 AM Saturday, 7:30 AM-10 AM Sunday
Help unload food from the cargo van. Set up tables and arrange everything according to Breakfast map. Keep area neat while people are eating, disposing of refuse as it is created. Replenish napkins, plates, etc. as needed. Comments from the artists, positive or negative, regarding the breakfast fare should be noted. At the end of serving hours, clean up the area and arrange tables for Art Fair guests to use during the show.

Booth Sitting - 9 AM-6 PM Saturday, 10 AM-4 PM Sunday
Give our artists a break from their booth. Typically, a break is a ½ hour at the most. You will not need to assist in sales, only watch the booth and inform customers on when the artist will return. Artists can request and schedule breaks at the Info Booth when they sign in, or if they need immediate help they can text the Info Booth and get a sitter. Booth Sitting shifts are two hours during which time you will either be assigned an artist or help in the Info Booth until someone texts for a break.

Picnic Help/Set-up - Saturday 4 PM-6:30 PM
Set up tables and chairs according to Picnic Map. Don Vasa will set up PA. Cargo van and pizza delivery will arrive around 6 PM. A key volunteer will be needed to receive pizzas and tip driver, other volunteers can unload cargo van. Arrange plates, napkins, food, and drinks according to the map. Coordinators will assist two volunteers.

Picnic Help/Serving - Saturday 6 PM-7 PM
5 volunteers will serve food to artists, replenish plates and napkins, keep tables orderly and full and the line moving quickly.

Picnic Help/Ticket-taker - Saturday 6 PM-7 PM
One volunteer is needed to stand at the beginning of the buffet line and receive a ticket from each person who goes through the line. Even though every precaution to make sure everyone who is allowed to attend has a ticket, doubtless someone will forget theirs, or a volunteer will show up without one, or maybe security staff wants to join us and they don’t have a ticket. In the event of one of these scenarios occurring, the Designated Ticket-Taker will issue a ticket for them. An accurate count of picnic attendees is essential! 

Picnic Help/Clean-up - Saturday 7 PM(ish) to 8 PM
The steps of the City-County Building should be cleaner after the picnic than they were when we moved in on Friday night. Two volunteers will be needed to dispose of garbage and put our supplies, tables, and chairs away in an orderly fashion. Remaining food items will be distributed or stored in coolers. Remaining beer and the PA system will be loaded into the cargo van and removed from the premises. Pretty much anyone attending the picnic, scheduled or not, can help with this.

Pedestrian Assistance (MLK and Doty Streets) - Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM, Sunday 10 AM-4 PM
Madison Police Department is requesting our help with helping pedestrians cross Doty Street safely during our show. The presence of two, friendly volunteers is needed to assist handicapped or elderly patrons and to remind other patrons carrying alcohol that there is no alcohol allowed in our show. They don’t have to throw it away, but they can’t bring it in. (Alcohol is served at Art Fair On The Square, approximately one block away.) Shifts are two hours long. Water is readily available.

Traffic Assistance (Exit of Parking Ramp On Wilson St.) - Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM, Sunday 10 AM-4 PM
Madison Police Department is requesting that we station a volunteer outside the exit of the parking ramp on Wilson St This volunteer will wear a vest and remind drivers to exit to the East, toward King Street. (For the duration of our Art Fair, East Wilson will become two-way and West Wilson will be closed to everyone except artists and patrons of the Hilton and The Madison Club.) Signage and barricades should make this change abundantly clear, though some drivers may still be confused. Having a volunteer stationed here to direct will greatly increase the safety of our art-distracted patrons crossing Wilson Street. Shifts are two hours long.

Assisting Load-Out - Sunday, July 14, 4 PM-8 PM 
Volunteers are needed to hand out loadout slips to artists after they’ve completely packed up their booths. The slips enable the artists to drive the vehicles onto the site and cannot be presented without visual confirmation that they have broken everything down. Other load-out positions include traffic directing and final clean up of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and the Esplanade of Monona Terrace.

The Winter Art Fair Off the Square requires a surprisingly large number of volunteers to run smoothly. Shifts are usually two hours long, but shifts can be lengthened if your schedule allows you to stay longer. Of course, we waive the $5 entry fee for anyone who volunteers and reimburse $5 to defray the cost of parking to volunteers that help for two hours or more. Volunteers work in a climate-controlled environment among friendly people at the largest and most beautiful winter art show in the city. All positions are entry-level and On-Site Coordinators are available to answer any questions you have. We hope to see you at the show!

Come join us on these dates and help with some of the jobs below:
November 10 & 11, 2020

Young Collector’s Corner

In order to foster an interest in art collecting for children, WAFOS features a Young Collectors Corner where children shop unaccompanied by adults for art pieces priced at $5, $7, and $9. At the close of the show, the staff returns the proceeds from the purchased pieces to the participating artists.

Volunteers are needed for set-up on Saturday morning from 7-9am. This includes collecting artwork from artists, setting up tables and creating attractive displays.

Multiple volunteers are needed on Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday,  10am-3pm (two-hour shifts) to sell artwork to children and keep track of sales on forms provided. This is an excellent volunteer opportunity for tweens/teens. Having child volunteers helping the kids make their selections helps them feel more comfortable. 

On Sunday from 3pm to 5pm, volunteers are needed to divide up the proceeds from sales and return them to the proper artists.

Silent Auction

Held only on Saturday, the Silent Auction is a successful fundraiser for the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc. The Silent Auction Coordinator is present at all times to direct volunteers and field questions. The auction becomes quite busy at the end when people claim and pay for the pieces they’ve won.

Volunteers are needed for set-up on Friday from 3-5pm. This includes setting up displays and tables and arranging the art pieces as they come are donated.

On Saturday from 7am-9am, volunteers are needed to pick up donations from artists and arrange them in the Silent Auction area. Collection of items may continue even after the show is open.

Saturday 9am-3pm, volunteers are needed to assist bidders, making sure they provide the necessary information on the forms and abide by the minimum bids established by the artists. This can get busy toward the end when people put in last-minute bids.

From 3pm-5pm, a real flurry of activity occurs. Many volunteers are needed to confirm final bids, contact winners, wrap items and direct people to check out. 

Ticket Table

On Saturday from 8:30am-4pm and Sunday, from 10am-3pm, volunteers are needed to collect
entry fees ($5 per adult) for admission to WAFOS. A key volunteer will be on site to answer
questions and train first-time ticket-takers. This job can be very busy during peak hours, but you
​will be seated and in the company of like-minded art supporters with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings.