The Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople has named Haitian-born acrylic artist Gregory Frederic the Featured Artist of the 2018 Art Fair Off the Square in Madison,Wisconsin.

Frederic’s warm smile will greet visitors in the first booth of the show on Martin Luther King Boulevard.  His is one of 140 exhibitions that will be set up by Wisconsin artists and craftspeople  July 14th and 15th to show their art and crafts.

Gregory Frederic’s abstract vision of cats will be featured on postcards, posters, t-shirts and copy used to promote this year’s show.  His art is typically political or conceptual, but his featured work Purring Love was inspired by the three cats that “pounce around” in his studio.  According to Frederic, “They are often purring as if to say, paint me…paint me’ and one even chases my brush while I’m working.”

The Art Fair Off the Square, as well as the Winter Art Fair Off the Square, are put on by the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, LLC., (WAAC) which was
officially established in 1982 as a non-profit,  tax-exempt organization intended to promote the work of Wisconsin artists and craftspeople.

Gregory Frederic

​​​Gregory Frederic

—Interesting details—

​--He pulled survivors out of the wreckage in 2010 after the earthquake  in Haiti then slept outdoors on the ground for two months
--He painted murals for the World Health Organization

--He’s working to adapt to this country as an artist with a Haitian soul

--Among his many awards, Best Painter at last year’s Art Fair Off the Square

--He was chosen to paint live with the Civic Symphony of Green Bay

--He teaches both children and adults

--He travels throughout the state doing live painting

Art Fair Off the Square 2018 Featured Artist

Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc.